Mr. Mario Prado has enjoyed unique advantages and marvelous experiences within the Entertainment Industry. He has worked with such publications as "People Magazine" (5 yrs.) and worked directly with talents like Charlton Heston, Dom De Luise, and Elizabeth Taylor and their managers, to name a few, and many more while at "People Magazine."

He has been involved with the production, on location and onsite, for two coffee table books produced by Robin Leach "Life Styles of the Rich and Famous". He has directed and produced over (12) "How-­to-Books".

In his early career, Mario was the Photo Editor for an international magazine, "Black Belt" and traveled and worked with many photographers and art directors over a dozen film projects in the area of marketing and design of one-sheets and posters. Mario also has been a story consultant and a Cinematic Director for trailers and Indie shorts "A script is telling a story, while a film is showing a story. The two are very different and take a greater understanding of the audience then one may suspect" MRP

His understanding of the Entertainment market is clear, and he offers insight not only in terms of the audience, but the method of reaching them whether it is in print or via the Web or the classic methods of Film and TV.

Mario is a bridge for talent who are interested in finding a clear and focused audience on which to begin their climb to success; " I have come to realize that in some cases the artist really is not ready to be presented; he or she has yet to develop a clear understanding of what they have to offer to the World of Entertainment. I look for the content of the talent, for without content, I can do nothing." MRP

With his strong technical background, he can draw and create fresh solutions "People have not changed in terms of wanting information, only in the way they receive it, and it is that new climate which makes it refreshing and exciting" MRP